Why Make Your Newsletter Sponsored

Why Make Your Newsletter Sponsored
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One major concern is what is my revenue model and how I plan to make money with a free mass-market email newsletter, like onthedaily.info. I want to make this newsletter free forever, so that leaves ads, sponsorships, and other sponsorships like Patreon. This post is looking at sponsored posts compared to ads.

A sponsored post or a sponsored newsletter is where an advertiser buys a sponsorship spot in a newsletter. it could be on one post or the run of the newsletter but it’s integral to the newsletter. The ad style and message are often discussed between the sponsor and newsletter at least at a basic level.


Personally, I hate banner ads. I hate web pages that are stuffed with banner ads especially when I’m looking at the web on my phone. The experience can be horrible and I didn’t want to go down that path.  Hopefully, I will never go down that path.

I want to make sponsorships available for an advertiser who is advertising a product I believe in. You may think that a sponsorship is not that much different than an ad.  A major difference is that a sponsorship is different from an ad in that we decide who sponsors us. With a display ad, we would use an ad network. We would lose most control over most of the ads that are displayed on onthedaily.info. The network would decide what ads to display.


The one thing about a revenue model is your revenue model is part of your brand you don’t want to damage your brand by putting up tons of ads. One simple ad at the top of every page that says who took the time to sponsor us aligns with the brand we want to build.

The Founders blog is a behind the scene blog on our thought process while building onthedaily.info.

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