The Secret to Getting Your Start-up off the Ground

The Secret to Getting Your Start-up off the Ground
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Starting a venture can be a daunting process. It would seem like starting would be the easiest part of a startup. Putting an idea you have,  an idea you care about, and having spent tons of time thinking about and bringing that idea into reality. I faced the same problems when I started


What were the problems I faced when I started? The problem I faced was getting started was that I wanted to do everything. I would look to build everything at the start. I wanted everything to work,  I wanted everything to be perfect, and I wanted not to embarrass myself by putting out a newsletter.

The only way to find out the problems is to actually do something

By trying to do everything and I succeeded at doing nothing. In the end, I did better by cutting down on what I was trying to do and doing those tasks well.  Getting started may not be perfect, it may not be flashy, and it may not be the best-looking thing in the world but what it is is a start.

The only way to find out the problems is to actually do something, find the problems, and course correct. Wash, rinse, and repeat. So I looked at all the things I was doing l and I cut them down to the basics so I did more by doing less. Focusing on doing what was essential and doing it well


I defined the process I needed to repeat. In this case, writing and posting articles on various places on the net.  I gave myself a defined amount of time to on each article and started posting, I became faster at creating content and gradually expanding where I posted my articles.

The first one, two ... ten articles were not very good. As time went on, I became better. I learned how to do those things better every day by actually doing them, and correcting my mistakes.

In the end, the secret to starting your startup is it’s a wash rinse, and repeat cycle.

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