Be Accurate. Be Credible. Be Honest.

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       During the COVID lockdown, the world changed, and we learned to live indoors. This was the last year of my Masters's degree, and instead of going out with my friends, I watched a lot of cable news.  Watching cable news did not last long. They seemed to almost invent the news. They all had their version of the truth. This reminded me of what Neil deGrasse Tyson said about truth.

      I look at the world and want to think "What's up with that", not trying to determine who is telling the truth. I wanted the news to be honest with me. Maybe things I may like or not, just tell me the truth. I started OnTheDaily to look at things with a skeptical eye. I want to We try to be accurate, credible, and honest. And to have some fun.

Be Accurate.    Be Credible.    Be Honest

       OnTheDaily is a Social Impact startup incubated at the Harvard Innovation Labs via the Venture Program that I started the last semester of my Master's degree.

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Derrick Jackson
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