Post or Propaganda

Post or Propaganda
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Most of the time when I am reading posts on the web, Twitter feeds, or news sites I think I am being lied to.  What I’m saying is most of the things I see on the internet are propaganda. These posts are not a fair commentary on anything. These posts are designed to get clicks, facts be damned. For me, this demonstrates the difference between a post and propaganda. One is designed to inform and one is designed to convince or enrage you to click.


What gets clicks is what drives the Internet. It is a very direct relationship. Clickbait titles generate views and those views get sold for ad revenue which is how they are profitable.
With the internet, the market for content that would get clicks outstripped the supply. To be clear, the market is for clicks, not truth, reasonableness, or logic.

if it bleeds it leads  should now be if it bleeds it clicks

There are even companies whose sole purpose is to create disinformation and clickbait headlines. Headlines that are designed to infuriate, motivate and agitate. The added revenue comes from making readers upset.


What I aim to write is specifically not to be propaganda. The thought process behind my writing is that I write to be informative. I try to be fair and I try to give my reader enough information to make their decision. I want the reader to think "hey, thought about this and doesn't have an agenda".

Now while this is a noble cause it doesn’t get nearly as many clicks as some of the rage-baiting headlines that you see online, but such is life.

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