Why We Paid Elon Musk $8 For Twitter Blue

Why We Paid Elon Musk $8 For Twitter Blue
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We understand as well as anyone that the social media landscape is always, and evolving. Twitter is no different. We have a very small internet presence, but it is still important.


Twitter has decided to charge $8 a month for a previously verified 'verified' blue checkmark badge. Blue checkmarks were always a sense of comfort when I saw a tweet from a check-marked account. You were reasonably sure there was a person behind the account, and not a Russian bot or a teenager in Lithuania pretending to be Alyssa Milano.

Now, anyone with $8 can have a blue checkmark and I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I can be verified, something that was unobtainable before, or on the other hand, everyone else has the ability also.


Our website is based on trust, and if the blue checkmark helps that mission, so be it. We write about news, economics, and health and we intentionally avoid controversial or divisive topics.

So far, in the few days we have had the Blue checkmark on our Twitter account, our engagement, and readership have increased a lot. And I mean a lot. We are going to be putting more time and resources into Twitter because, for now, it is working well.

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