The #1 Reason Founders Should Blog

Behind the scenes blog on how we are building

The #1 Reason Founders Should Blog
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This is not the first blog I have written. I have been blogging off and on for years. Sometimes I blog for fun, sometimes for my business, and sometimes to help a friend's business.

Starting brings me to the number one reason you, as a  founder, should blog. That reason is communication. When you are a founder, you are the main promoter of your company. You need to be able to explain what you are doing and why in a clear and distinct way.

Most founders when answering a question, speak too much. I am not talking about your pitch deck or meetings for which you have prepared. I am talking about when you are out and about and start talking to others about your venture.

The way to not speak too much is to practice. To struggle with your ideas before you have to struggle with your ideas at a dinner where you are unexpectedly seated next to a potential investor or partner.

Writing about your venture forces you to prepare as you struggle with making your ideas clear and succinct for your blog. What you write will start to translate into your natural speech. It may take a while, but after blogging for some time, you, the founder, will come off as clear, confident, and succinct when talking about your venture.

The Founders blog is a behind the scene blog on our thought process while building

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