In A Startup, Always Be Experimenting

In A Startup, Always Be Experimenting as experiments are the way to grow your startup.

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Starting as a startup is a journey of learning.  That has been one of the most humbling things about starting a venture has been learning all the things I did not know initially. Slowly but surely, I am been learning. I did have to take a step back and really focus on the basics, but sometimes taking one step back is a way to take two steps forward. I, like most humans, can be self-confident and have preconceived notions or ideas about what we think about starting a company.

Experiments, like A/B testing, are a way to put our ego in check by validating our ideas. Maybe we are right, or maybe we are not, but an experiment will provide data on whether we are correct or not.

Picking Your Experiment

Picking a great, direction-changing, impactful experiment. is always a problem, but we should not want to think of it as one. We can think of this type of experiment as an opportunity to really expand what we are doing on what can be essentially a blank sheet of paper.

Picking small experiments, like changing ad copy or images, is really routine and straightforward IF you have a dataset. These are not the experiments that I am speaking about. I am speaking about the larger experiments that take into account the direction of your company, your capabilities, and your brand.

The Weekend Edition

This week we are trying a weekend edition. This expands our brand to include information that is relatable and fresh as well as having a space for editorial content. Let's see how it goes, after all, it is an experiment.

The weekend edition is a recap of the news of the week and an editorial story. This is for people who want to catch up on the weekend because honestly, we are all busy. I know I would like to catch up on what happened during the week. To read what we have missed from an unbiased point of view. For me, this is something that I would open and read.

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