Getting OnTheDaily on Google News

Getting OnTheDaily on Google News
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OnTheDaily is a news site, more or less. It is a newsletter made of news articles about what is going on in the world. Since I write news, there is a service called Google News that is specific for news sites. Google News is a news aggregator service that pulls in links to news from thousands of publishers. Of course, I wanted to get on Google News.

Getting on Google News is very straightforward. The first thing you have to do is approved by the Google News team by registering your site on the Publisher b platform. Registering was pretty easy and straightforward. One thing I like about the Google News verification process is that  Google News staff does a manual quality check of website content before they make their final decision about including your news in the Google News feed.

The first time I applied, they sent me a pdf of a mismatch on my site that I needed to fix. I was surprised because it is something that only a human would have noticed. I was so expecting an automated check that I was surprised when a human actually looked at my site. I corrected the issue and resubmitted and that was that.


Google news matches and is aligned with what I am trying to do with OnTheDaily. here are some things that news sources need to be on Google News. There are a lot of guidelines, but here are the top three for me.

  • Deceptive information
  • Convenient to use website
  • Useful actual content

Google News news sends readers a news compilation on a variety of topics and categories and now that includes content from OnTheDaily. My view is that Google News becomes an additional source of website traffic for news readers on the web that may be interested in subscribing to OnTheDaily.

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