Jill Biden Doesn't Know Tacos

When journalists are tweeting "We are not Tacos", something is going on, and probably not a good thing.

Jill Biden Doesn't Know Tacos
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Looking at my Twitter feed last week,  lots of Jill Biden and Taco memes suddenly started showing up. I did not pay much attention at first, as it is Twitter after all. However, when the National Association of Hispanic Journalists posted in a tweet stating "We are not tacos", I had to take a look.

When journalists are tweeting "We are not Tacos", something is going on, and probably not a good thing. Supposedly, Jill Biden was comparing Latinos to breakfast tacos in a speech in San Antonio.


My first question was not about Jill Biden, as a native midwesterner, my first question was what exactly is a 'Breakfast Taco' since I had never heard of one. In doing my research to find out what exactly a breakfast taco is, I came across the "Ultimate Tacopedia", which is a pretty incredible site.

A breakfast taco is what is also called a  "breakfast burritos," which is some form of  bacon and eggs  on top of a flour tortilla  However,  Rio Grande Valley residents call them "morning tacos."

The city where the first lady gave her speech, San Antonio,  is 65%  Mexican-American and sees breakfast tacos as part of the local cuisine.

According to the "Ultimate Tacopedia," the Breakfast Taco did not originate in Mexico, it was created in the United States in the 1970s. Texans love to argue about which city invented the breakfast tacos, Austin or San Antonio.

  • National Taco Day in Mexico is on March 31, while the United States celebrates October 4.
  • Tacos were made popular in the U.S. by Taco Bell, which opened in 1962.
  • The hard-shell tacos that Americans think are tacos are called taco dorado.


Jill Biden did inadvertently compare the diversity of Latinos to Breakfast tacos. More likely, she asked a staff member what was "unique" about San Antonio or a local rivalry to put something in her speech to connect with the locals. Some speechwriters thought pointing out the breakfast taco rivalry between San Antonio and Austin would get a laugh out of the San Antonio crowd.

Jill Biden made a tone-deaf comment, and people are making fun of it on the internet, because it is the internet.

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